Happy Chocolate!

Yes chocolate is, well pretty much amazing. But in our new “earthy” lifestyle, we are also trying to eat better. We have been trying really hard to not eat processed food, not eat food that has more than 5 ingredients (especially ones that have ingredients that we can’t pronounce), eating more organic, and more fresh, raw, or cooked at home and from scratch. So despite this I have come to terms that I still need my chocolate, who doesn’t? But have you read the ingredients on the back? I have, especially all my old favorites, it is all time heart breaking. Seeing all those long listed, unknown ingredients makes my heart get sad and sink because I still want to stay committed to my new lifestyle all while REALLY wanting some chocolate.

Well long story short, I have found it is really easy to make, and tastes just as amazing, or even better because I know there isn’t any extra garbage. And then upon recent discovery I have found it is even better with doTERRA’s essential oils (because they are safe for internal use) for an extra boost and flavor. I basically used this recipe from Homemade Mommy, but I also just kind of throw in the combination of coconut oil, cocoa powder, raw sugar/honey/maple syrup, dash of salt and vanilla till it all has a nice consistency. Then for the extra boost of awesome, I added about 5-10 drops of wild orange. You know what that means? HAPPY CHOCOLATE!! (refer to my post about how I learned about doTERRA oils and how wild orange makes me happy!)


In my new recent discovery I have also experimented with adding peppermint oil, the slim and sassy oil blend, and even combining them all. Can I just say A-MAZ-ING! My love for chocolate, and my love for doTERRA has just reached a whole new level. happy chocolate