All things: “Earthy”

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have an “earthy” side, as well as it being part of the title of my blog. I promised a few posts ago I would explain, so here I finally am, going to explain. . I grew up with some “earthy” sort of stuff, and home remedies, but I haven’t really incorporated it as much into my older adult life until recently.

And the term “earthy” started with my sister when she said that she know essential oil uses, and they always smelled…earthy as she called it. So when I started using oils myself, my husband can’t help but call my “earthy” now too.

But it all started when I went to my first intro class to doTERRA essential oils. I just immediately felt excited and anxious to try them out. The girl that taught the class said that she had been on anti-depressants for most of her life and never really felt better from them. Then she started using “Wild Orange” and she has never felt happier, and has even completely been off the meds since.

I have never been diagnosed with depression, but I know it runs in my family, and definitely in my blood. So when I heard about how it has blessed her I knew I wanted to jump on board. I am not entirely sure where I would define my level of depression, and maybe it is just more of an overall sadness. There are just many days of my life that I feel like there are these nasty dark clouds that hang over me, and that no matter how hard I would try to “Choose to be happy” I couldn’t grasp it. My poor family has had to suffer to be around such a pest. Well I got my own “Wild Orange” (and as a disclaimer, I know there are many other oils that work for depression, and though this one worked great for me, it might not work in the same way for others, but that maybe a different oil would work too, we are all chemically built different, but everyone has a oil that can fit their needs). I haven’t felt so happy, since I don’t really know when. It is so much easier for me to “choose” to be happy! If I have my moments in the day when I want to explode at my children (just remember I am still human, and well sometimes little kids just drive you crazy!), I can snap back to my normal MUCH faster, where before the oils, if I had a bad run with them, my whole day was thrown under the bus, and I would turn into a grouchy bug under a rug. My poor hubby would have to come home to a crazy lady. There are days I forget to add a few drops to my water, and I can definitely tell a difference in my attitude and overall being those days I forget, verses days I remember (my husband can attest to it too. Sometimes he will ask me if I forgot when he comes home because I am a little more extra crazy, and he’s usually right. Now he helps make sure I get some in my morning drink of water to play things on the safe side).

Being introduced to these oils has been a huge blessing in my life, and also my children. Other blessings I love about them are: They have a immune booster blend of oils called OnGuard, I love this stuff! Since I got my first stash of it I have been putting it on my girls feet in the morning or at night, almost every day, but sometimes will miss a few days. Since then my children and I have not been sick at all (update: we got sick one weekend, but it only lasted about a day, verse a week like it used to be before the oils. And if I wake up with a sore throat feeling, I will rub a drop of this stuff on my throat and with mins up to an hour it is all gone, and no more sickness progress!)! I have many friends and acquaintances that have been sick along with their kids. Addie goes to nursery at church every week (with who knows what kind of germs going on there), we go to the store with all those goodie germs too. We haven’t turned into hermits, we go to the park almost daily, definitely being exposed to handful of germs, and we haven’t been affected at all. In fact when I first went to the intro class, Ruth was sick, and I got a small sample to take home for her, and it saved me having to take her to the doc, because she was getting worse, until I started using it on her.

Then since being a member I have also got a blend called Balance (which can also be another good one for depression), it is a nice grounding, calming kind of blend, it just gives you balance again, wherever you might need it. This one has been amazing for Addie. There are times she will FREAK out, like a crazy mad child, I don’t even know what to do because she is so screamy, crazy, and irrational. But when she gets like this I will just hold her feet down, put it on, and just gently rub her feet, and it is INSTANT! She will calm down, give me a hug, and be so much better. I don’t always remember to do this since I am kind of a space at times, but when I remember it is amazing. These are just a few small tidbits of how these goods have blessed my life. They have a book on everything you can do with the hundreds of different oils they offer, and there are endless cures for endless problems, it is amazing. You have a problem, there is an oil for it!

oil for that

And well, what is so neat about them, is that they actually don’t really “cure” you, they are giving you the extra boost or whatever it is your body needs, so that your body actually can heal itself. I have found this intro video that I have found to be pretty amazing in introducing the greatness of it all, especially if you aren’t local and wouldn’t be able to attend a class that I will put on.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY1_lBGczPY, This presentation is given by Kalli Wilson.

And then if you want to overlook the website and all that doTERRA has to offer, you can check out this link here: www.mydoterra.com/happylife

This is just the beginning, you will definitely being hearing more from me about these wonderful goodnesses. I hope you have a wonderful day, and don’t be afraid to take a step on the “earthy” side 😉