Candy Free Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner, and time to start planning and thinking of how the night will officially unfold. As I have mentioned in my previous post, I really love this holiday. At least the part of dressing up and being creative. But as in major changes we’ve made this year, this holiday will come with some new major adjustments. These changes I am referring to goes very hand in hand with my new “earthy” side as I shared in this post. You see, starting to go a more natural route with our medicine has really launched our desires to change our eating habits to more natural as well.

In the last few months we have really shifted our eating habits to not buying and especially EATING junk anymore. There is so much garbage in all this processed food out there we decided to not be part of it anymore (well as much as we can control with a little 80/20 variance). But I will definitely have more posts relating to all that later. Because that isn’t why you came here, right?

So to hold our grounds as much as possible on our new lifestyle, we are venturing out in a candy free Halloween. I know it will be inevitable to be exposed to candy (which will be part of 80/20 rule) at parties we attend, but we can at least do OUR part to add one less amount of junk to the mix, and

it might surprise how effective it can be too when it comes to your wallet.


This is a brief view of the stash of goodies we will be handing out this year both at our church party and at our house for any trick or treaters brave enough to venture this candy free way 🙂


To give you a little break down of the costs for this all:

We got most of these items at the dollar store, so that right there will give a good idea right off how much this will cost.

Bag of Army men (which boy or girl too, wouldn’t love these?): $1 per bag

Assorted bag of Spooky toys: $1 per 10-20 toys

Sheet of Spooky stickers (or non spooky you could get a lot more for a $1): $1

Pack of 8 Bubbles (in the wedding section): $1

Pack of Glow Sticks (sometimes Walmart has a good deal on these, depending on the time of year): $1-4

Then as small addition of “sweet tooth” we are doing some boxes of raisin that we made look like Frankenstein: $1.50-2.00 for 6 boxes

DSCN2811Then, our bulk of treats, we are going to make and fill clear plastic gloves with some yummy stove popped organic popcorn (like the picture below, but without the candy corn). I know there might be some towns that won’t allow homemade treats, but just do what you can, it can go a long way!

The gloves are $8.30 for 500 gloves ( and since these are non perishable, you can use these for YEARS of Halloweens!)


So you add all that up and it comes to about $25, more or less on how much you actually buy. Depending on the kind of candy you buy you could easily spend that same amount of money, but the candy will only last you that one Halloween. When you buy the gloves, or any of the non-perishable stuff, anything left over can be used for future Halloween’s which in return becomes cheaper in years to come.

Plus, one fun final note, last year we were slowly starting some eating changes, and did about half candy, half toys, and to be honest, most of the kids we had visit us, LOVED the toys more, and they were long gone before the candy was, these toys can be a fun treat for them much longer than a candy that will loose it’s hype minutes after being consumed.

Hope that you have a delightful Halloween this year!



Frugal pumpkin fun!


Halloween time is probably one of my all time favorite holidays. But being an adult and realizing the real kick in the bank butt this holiday can be with decorations and costumes and trick or treat goods and all, I need to crank up the frugal notch to still make this fun without totally braking the bank too.
As a kid I loved carving pumpkins and all that good fun stuff, but as an adult I don’t care for the mess as much. But even more than that I also hate to see good food go to decoration waste. So now every year we get a pumpkin that we can paint or like this year put stickers on (that we got from the dollar store), as to still maintain all that pumpkin yumminess inside to be eaten later as a pie or cookies for thanksgiving (because if taken care of, they can last another month, or if it seems like it is going bad too soon, you can cook and freeze the pumpkin puree for thanksgiving time, sure beats canned pumpkin!!).
But putting stickers on a pumpkin or painting it takes away from the fun of having a fun glowing decoration on your porch to greet trick or treaters. So when I saw this on pinterest I felt all porch-glowing-decoration-giddy inside, especially because it didn’t cost another dime.
Just get your old empty milk cartons and decorate them however you want. We used some leftover stickers and also just permanent markers to draw different faces. Then for a fun and safe glowing look you can snap some glow sticks and throw them in the hole, set to be a fun glowing greeting all night long. Now I don’t have to feel bad about wasting good food, getting messy or missing out on making a fun glowing porch decoration.
So there you have it for this lovely Monday morning. Keep in touch as I will soon share our fun frugal costumes and also yummy, creative trick or treat goods that you won’t have to divulge into buying candy and all its crap to handout.