Almond Coconut Milk, Yum!

Welcome to your first dabbling of my “earthy” side. There is a funny story to that term I will have to share another time. But in my recent jump into eating healthier, I have come to a more personal realization that I should try to cut more dairy out of my life (no, I am not lactose intolerant, or allergic), I definitely have a LONG way to go before it’s completely cut out (stupid ice cream, cheese, even Greek yogurt, why must you be so tasty!!), and I am sure I will never completely cut it out, especially Greek yogurt, that stuff is amazing, and replaces SO other not so good things. But aside from all that, I started looking into alternatives to milk, especially for cearl in the mornings, since well, we just have lazy mornings like that around here. We started buying almond milk  which was pretty good, and then I noticed there was almond coconut milk, and that was even better. I just love the two flavors mixed together. But they are a little pricey, so to justify buying it, I had to use it sparingly, which was hard. Then in another one of my “earthy” endeavors to find a good homemade shampoo recipe I came across this homemade coconut milk shampoo recipe, which included how to make homemade coconut milk. Maybe I will share more details later about the shampoo another post. I felt like a giddy child in an online candy store! And in this same post, One Good Thing By Jillee shared a link to her Almond milk recipe. Since I already acquired a love for them together it was easy to put it together in my own little combination. I did half the almond recipe and combined it with the full recipe of the coconut and gave it a good shake. Pure Yum! And I stored it my old hospital jug, since it has a nice little pouring spout, but you could really store it any spare container. And  there you have it, yummy goodness for so much cheaper!

Oh and it is my plans to use the almond and coconut remains in a homemade granola recipe, I will share how that beauty turns out!


Have a happy milky sort of day! 🙂


We can’t always be winners

In our extremely slow transition to try and eat healthier on a more regular and consistent basis I get spurts of ambition to try some new snack sort recipe I find on pinterest (because making something more than the regular mandatory three meals a day is asking A LOT out of me! I know, I am lazy, or busy, or both.) I kept seeing this healthy homemade gummy snacks recipe on my pinterest feed, so I thought I’d give it a try. And another try. This is what they are supposed to look like:


But like I said, you can’t always be a winner, and in my case, not even with two shots. This is what really happened:


But the lovely leather sheet thing wasn’t even half the problem. The taste was so sour I might as well just forget the whole cooking process and drink straight lemon juice. Not to mention the fact that I couldn’t muster eating them, my toddler could barely even lick it without giving it right back. If she doesn’t want them, then there is no point in even trying again on that one. Unless I can find a better, MUCH less sour version. Plus the crunchy seeds from the fruit was a huge turn off, it’s like eating a nice gummy texture treat with spurts of rocks inside. Over all not very appetizing. Definitely on the look out for a new gummy snack recipe, as long as it coincides with my random spurts of ambition to actually make them again. In the mean time we’ll just stick to real fresh fruit for snacks because there is little disappointment there 🙂

Have a great, hopefully not so sour, gummy sort of day!


Writings on my walls

And no I am not talking about Facebook walls. If you’ve ever had a toddler I am sure you’ve encountered the lovely phase where they yearn with everything in themselves to color on walls. It is actually a part of their normal development, cognitively and physically. They get to a point where they want to write in that sort of fashion, with their hand in a more upward motion verses downward on a table. So instead of fight the inevitable I decided to go with it. I have seen adorable chalk board and dry erase walls on pinterest, but in our renting, college years something like those just didn’t seem realistic right now. So here is my make do alternative, that is also an inexpensive route too. I bought ten white poster boards from Wal-Mart, at only 30¢ a poster, and them tapped them up at my toddler’s hand/arm writing level. I tried putting them as flush as possible next to each other to reduce slip up scribbles. Then as a final safety precaution the markers/crayons/colored pencils I gave to her were only dry the erase kind (and yes, you can buy all of them in dry erase form, isn’t that amazing! We found all of them at Wal-Mart and Amazon!). So if her little hands get too eager past the paper it makes clean up so much easier.


Give it a few weeks, maybe even a month, depending on how ambitious an artist you have, you can change up the posters with new fresh ones, and have a ball coloring on the walls!


Hello world!

Where to begin. Well I have been blogging on and very much off for at least 6 years now with various different blogs, but this is my newest attempt at jumping on the band wagon again, clean and fresh with a new blog. In my hermit-like lifestyle at home with just me and my children all day, and my hubby at night when he gets home, there is a sense of yearning to share and get out a little in the world (I guess even if it is a virtual world), and with my first priorities to my family and their needs here at home, blogging is the next best, or I guess easiest way to still share. In my scrounged free time moments I love to create. Or just be lazy. Just depends on the day, but whichever way, I will try to bring my way here and share what I have to share, all things Whitney.

So welcome to my world, whatever I may have to share and whatever my time constraints in child rearing and house maintaining allow!

And thanks for stopping by, visitors are always (well I guess usually) nice to have around.