Ode to Idaho or something like that

1930023_16138954212_4791_n Oh dear Idaho. Who would have known you’d be so good to me in so many unpredictable ways?

Though your butt cold bitter winters have made me dread being here for oh so many days.

Ok…so I was trying to make this a cool rhyming poem/song thing, but my brain doesn’t think super well in rhymes. But I still have a great deal of thoughts running in my head as we bid our farewells to this place we’ve called home for many years.

So here is some of the many ways this blessed state of Idaho has touched my (or my family’s) life these past 8 years:

1. In the beginning of my years here you introduced me to roommates who have been great friends, and helped me get through some hard trials with my mom’s then fairly recent death, and many things relating to it. Even though I am not the best at keeping in touch with many of these ladies, I will always cherish their influences on me.

1909609_50602606764_8936_n (2)

Just a handful of some amazing woman who have touched my life here in Idaho. I wish I had a picture with everyone that has touched my life!

2. You provided me an opportunity to learn the value of work, independence and learning to be on my own, 2-states-away-from-my-normal-out on my own, and not leaning on financial and physical support of family anymore.


Pasty’s Porch: one of my favorite places in Rexburg, ID

3. You taught me the value of warm clothes, REALLY warm clothes, and blankets, and boots (especially ones with good traction ), flannel, and lots of layers !!


Brrrr!!!! I will not miss the cold, bitter, bitter cold!!

4. You taught me the value and blessing of living close to an LDS temple, and attending as regularly as I possibly can.


Rexburg temple: I was able to help in the open house process, and to attend weekly in the baptistery. After we were married we had an amazing and unique opportunity to be temple workers before our oldest was born.

5. You taught me the value of visiting teaching, and making friends with people in the wards you live in, because they become your family away from family.


Though I didn’t meet this amazing lady in Idaho (her sister and my brother got married many years ago, and we’ve been friends since), she and her lovely growing family has practically been a family away from family, we will really miss them!!

6. You allowed me my first ice skating experience.


Our first date after having our first child, it was a much needed date night after embarking into the roller coaster world of parenthood!

7. You’ve helped me appreciate the value of quality time as I long distance dated and was engaged to my now wonderful husband. Those months have become a foundation for our 5 & 1/2 years of marriage.


My graduation in 2010, just before we had our first child.

8. You’ve allowed me to earn my associate degree in Preschool Education, and Bachelors in Child Development. As well as my husband’s Bachelors in Computer Information Technology and Masters in Business Administration and all the countless life lessons learned through the whole process of earning those degrees.


Michael graduated with his Bachelors in 2013 at BYU-I, and his Masters at ISU in 2014 with now three children!

9. You’ve allowed us to enjoy your wonderful natural beauty from Yellowstone National Park, to Mesa Falls, Bear World, Bear lake and all the beauties in between with wide open fields of farmland.

10. Being here I have meet inspiring people to help me on my journey in the joy of real food and all its goodness.

11. Being here I’ve been introduced to the incalculable effects of essential oils and have loved its blessings on my growing family’s health and well being.

12. You’ve become the birthplace for all three of my greatest blessings and joys; my precious children. (We can officially use the phrase ‘way to go Idaho!’ on them, either sarcastically or genuinely, depending on the circumstances.)


Each child of ours have been real special gifts!

13. You’ve allowed us opportunities to strengthen our marriage in ways we could have never imagined. Being far away from family we have learned to rely on each other more.

14. You’ve allowed us many opportunities to learn to trust God more, and look to Him in hope that He is there guiding our lives, and has a plan just for us even when it seems really hard, or that things might not work, they always do!


Making our two paths into one. We’re in it together for the long haul wherever life takes us!

15. Being so far away from family, you’ve helped us to really value and appreciate any opportunity to be with family as often we are allowed it. We feel blessed to have been able to build relationships with our parents, siblings, and their children. They will be friendships for a lifetime.


Pasty’s Porch: where Michael proposed to me, and it has been an inspirational place throughout our marriage.

Even though I’ve only listed 15 there are so many things, so many lessons we’ve learned and they have been a great start, a foundation for the rest of wherever we go and whatever we do. Sure, we could have learned many, if not all, of these lessons anywhere, but it has been an honor and privilege to learn these lessons, been introduced to wonderful people and been blessed with these opportunities in the good ol’ state of Idaho!

I first came to Idaho almost eight years ago with just me and a car full of stuff, and now I can finally return to Arizona with van full of stuff, a wonderful husband and three awesome kids. Merry Christmas, God bless, and thanks for the memories. And so we turn the page to new adventures ahead.


Arizona here we come, ready or not!


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