Frugal pumpkin fun!


Halloween time is probably one of my all time favorite holidays. But being an adult and realizing the real kick in the bank butt this holiday can be with decorations and costumes and trick or treat goods and all, I need to crank up the frugal notch to still make this fun without totally braking the bank too.
As a kid I loved carving pumpkins and all that good fun stuff, but as an adult I don’t care for the mess as much. But even more than that I also hate to see good food go to decoration waste. So now every year we get a pumpkin that we can paint or like this year put stickers on (that we got from the dollar store), as to still maintain all that pumpkin yumminess inside to be eaten later as a pie or cookies for thanksgiving (because if taken care of, they can last another month, or if it seems like it is going bad too soon, you can cook and freeze the pumpkin puree for thanksgiving time, sure beats canned pumpkin!!).
But putting stickers on a pumpkin or painting it takes away from the fun of having a fun glowing decoration on your porch to greet trick or treaters. So when I saw this on pinterest I felt all porch-glowing-decoration-giddy inside, especially because it didn’t cost another dime.
Just get your old empty milk cartons and decorate them however you want. We used some leftover stickers and also just permanent markers to draw different faces. Then for a fun and safe glowing look you can snap some glow sticks and throw them in the hole, set to be a fun glowing greeting all night long. Now I don’t have to feel bad about wasting good food, getting messy or missing out on making a fun glowing porch decoration.
So there you have it for this lovely Monday morning. Keep in touch as I will soon share our fun frugal costumes and also yummy, creative trick or treat goods that you won’t have to divulge into buying candy and all its crap to handout.


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