Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing


I have random spurts of inspiring thoughts, ideas, or projects to pursue. I get so excited thinking and feeling like I am being so cool and  original, because in a world like this it is hard to have an original idea. And then I get on pinterest…And it all dashes my originality to pieces. At least I can still summon some sort of originality before realizing how very much not original it is. In all its beauty and amazingness, I guess that is one discouraging thing about pinterest, is it sure knows how to steal feelings of original creativity….

Oh well. Such is life. And here is a new gem in my life that I feel thrilled to share, even if you’ve already run across it, since it a new popular concoction.

I love me a good salad, mmm! But sometimes the ranch dressing can make it feel like a big bowl of guilt. So then I try to eat it sometimes without dressing, thinking I am being so cool and healthier, but most times that just makes me feel like a cow, eating bland grass.

Then I meet Greek Yogurt. What a dear friend, a blessing in my life (it’s like the dairy/condiment magic fix all, anything white and pastey and not so healthy it can jump in and save the day, so I am discovering). I have already enjoyed its amazingness in replacing mayo (which was one glorious day. I don’t know if it’s true  but ever since I was little and someone told me mayo had formaldehyde in it, the same stuff they pump in dead people, I have had a deep disgust for it, and only eat in very drier circumstances like pasta salad. But thanks to Greek Yogurt I don’t have to anymore, oh happy day!) So I had the brilliant idea to use it for ranch too.

All I did was scoop some of the goods in a jar, added some milk (to a consistency that I like) , and added some seasoning from the dry ranch mix you can get for making ranch dip. Put a lid on and shake, (“gotta shake, shake, shake those sillies out, wiggle my waggles away…” these lovely kid songs are another constant in my brain these days…). In my recent awareness of not being original with this idea, I noticed some people added the whole dry mix packet, which for me personally is way over kill, and the ranch flavor is over powering. For the smaller canning size jar, like pictured above, a small, tsp. or so size amount was plenty enough flavor for my liking, but everyone is different, so just play with it till it meets your tastebud’s liking. This homemade dressing is packed with an extra dosing of protein, and much lower on the fat and calories, if  you’re into counting those suckers (although I am no expert at actually punching out the numbers for what exactly those calorie numbers come out to, it’s just apparent that it’s lower).
Then if you want it more for a dip and less for a salad then just lessen or completely ignore the milk adding part. There you have it, a bottle of yummy goodness.

Sorry for not having exact measuring instructions, I am more of a little of this, little of that, experimenting kind of girl, with little realization of using real measurements, till after I am done and think I should have. But since this idea is pinterest loaded, I am sure you could easily find exact measuring if that is your way about doing things.

One last side note, my favorite all time Greek Yogurt brand is ZOI. Especially if you want one of the less costly containers, without it being a not so yummy store brand. I have tried a good number of the cheaper brands and this one always wins my heart.

I hope you have a super, happy tummy full of goodness sort of day! 🙂


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